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Guardian Community Trust (GCT) offers a professionally managed trust program that receives and manages the "excess" assets of persons who must qualify for benefits from Medicaid, SSI and other public programs. The result is a better quality of life for the individual, and access to supplemental care that government programs themselves do not provide.

Each individual's funds are held as a separate trust account, from which that individual alone may benefit. All accounts are managed, invested and administered, however, as a pool of accounts. "Pooling" means simply that the same rules for investing and distributing funds apply to all of the accounts. Those common rules are stated in the master trust instrument (the Guardian Community Trust for Supplemental Needs), and in policies that GCT and its predecessor trustee have developed over the years to ensure sound administration of the program.

Experienced staff at GCT offer expertise in trust management and public benefits compliance by a trustee. GCT also provides forms and easy access by telephone or e-mail to enable beneficiaries, or those responsible for their well-being, to request benefits and find answers to questions. Each beneficiary receives a report at the end of each year to show how the funds of his or her account were used.

If there are any funds remaining after the lifetime of the beneficiary, the state Medicaid program must be repaid, and a modest portion of the remainder (up to fifteen percent) stays in trust with GCT. Any funds that remain after these priority claims will be distributed in accordance with the beneficiary's wishes, which are stated on the Sponsor Agreement that creates the trust account.

Typical uses of a pooled trust account may include clothing, personal items, social activities, dental and eye care, companionship, improved medical supplies, telephone, cable television, private fiduciary fees, and many other personal needs. The uses are as varied as the individuals in the program.

The Guardianship Program
In addition to its pooled trust program, GCT manages an endowment, called the Guardianship Endowment, that performs research, education and advocacy toward the creation of a public guardianship agency in Massachusetts.